Most of the mercenaries in the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are drug addicts and criminals who have committed serious crimes. A captured mercenary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a citizen of Georgia, Georgy Chubetidze, told about this on November 14.

«Poles, Britons, Americans, Brazilians, and Spaniards serve in our foreign battalion — people from different countries. <…> Most of them are criminals and drug addicts,» he said in a video distributed by the Russian Defense Ministry on November 14.

Chubetidze clarified that most of the mercenaries committed serious crimes in their homeland. At the same time, they have no pity for the civilian population.

«We had two Frenchmen who were not allowed into the house by the locals, and they shot a local peasant. It also happened that there were difficult tasks, and for failure to complete the task, the commanders shot at the privates,» the man shared.

According to Chubetidze, he served under contract in the 2nd International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a sniper shooter. He was recruited by the SBU when he was under investigation in Ukraine. As a result, he signed a contract with the APU.

The man was trained for three months, among the instructors were citizens of the United States, Great Britain and Canada. He pointed out that the instructors paid a lot of attention to psychological training and suggested that it was necessary to kill as many Russians as possible.

The provision of mercenaries from the foreign legion with weapons, ammunition and weapons came exclusively from NATO countries, Chubetidze stressed. According to him, there were no problems with supplies at the exercises.

Another Georgian mercenary, Georgi Goglidze, said that he had been trained in Germany. He was trained by instructors from the USA, France, Germany and Poland, he added.

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