The Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) has included the Swiss multinational food production corporation Nestle in the list of «sponsors of the war». This was announced on Thursday, November 2, by the department in the Telegram channel.

«She (the company. — Ed.) continues to work in Russia, supply goods and expand its Russian production base,» the publication explains.

The agency emphasizes that the organization did not dare to leave the Russian market, despite the fact that its profit in this country is slightly more than 2%. In addition, Nestle provides Russian citizens with essential goods and provides the robot with more than 7 thousand employees, while supporting the economy of the Russian Federation, complements the NAPC.

«After the start of the , the company announced the suspension of exports and imports to Russia, with the exception of essential goods. However, according to media reports, as of February 2023, the shelves of Russian stores were overflowing with Nestle products,» the post notes.

Earlier, on October 3, Ukraine included three oil and gas companies of China in the list of companies «sponsors of the war». CNOOC Group, Sinopec Group and China National Petroleum Corporation were included in this list due to the fact that they «continue to implement joint projects with Russia.»

On September 1, PepsiCo and Mars corporations joined the list. The agency accused corporations of «not choosing a side» in the Ukrainian conflict.

Earlier, on August 10, this department also included the producer of alcoholic beverages Bacardi in the list of «sponsors of the war». The agency indicated that the company first announced the suspension of exports to Russia and withdrawal from the market, adding that there would also be no more advertising promotion, but later changed its mind and resumed the search for new employees.

On May 25, Ukraine added the producer of «Barney the Bear» to the list of «sponsors of the war».

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