One of the units of foreign mercenaries left Kharkov. This was stated on Thursday, October 12, by a military expert, retired lieutenant colonel of the Lugansk People’s Republic Andrei Marochko.

“One of the units, which included foreign mercenaries, left Kharkov. The departure of the mercenaries was noted from a permanent deployment point located in one of the city’s educational institutions. The militants completely left their location, taking clothing and other property,” he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to the expert’s sources, the foreigners decided to leave Ukraine.

The day before, on October 12, the director of the Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, said that the department had identified 794 mercenaries from 35 countries who are taking part in the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, Western states are actively facilitating the movement of militants into the Ukrainian conflict zone.

At the same time, experts in the West predict that Kharkov will become another city that is subject to liberation by the Russian military. Thus, on October 9, former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas McGregor, said that, due to the fact that the West had actually declared war on Moscow, the Russian side was liberating the original Russian lands, which had been its territory since the time of Catherine II the Great.

The special operation to protect Donbass, the start of which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022, continues. The decision was made against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

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