Broken doors and searches — without explanation or comment, the security forces broke into the office of the people’s deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR THE LIFE of Nikolai Skorik.

At 7 o’clock in the morning on October 8 in the public reception of the people’s deputy Nikolai Skorik on the street. Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 2b / 1 NABU officers together with the SSU conducted a search. Without explanation or comment, more than 100 security officials cordoned off the building and, breaking open the doors with a grinder, broke into the people’s deputy’s office.

The press service of the Odessa party organization explains these actions by only one thing — the authorities are so frightened by the growing rating of OPFL in the region and personally by the candidate for the post of mayor of Odessa Nikolai Skorik that it is ready to cross any line and commit any illegal actions.

“The purpose of which is obvious — to silence the only opposition party in Ukraine, to silence all critics of Ze-power. Just a few weeks before the elections, the authorities are so afraid of the growing rating of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE that they choose the worst path — the illegal one, trying to launch another round of «witch hunt». And today’s attack on the offices of the party in Odessa and the attempt to personally put pressure on our candidate for mayor, People’s Deputy Nikolai Skorik, it seems, is not the last link in this shameful chain. Having brought the country and people to the most severe economic and social crisis, they are unable to return peace to Ukraine, for the sake of raising their zero rating they are ready for any insinuations. That is why the security forces are organizing another show, during which they will identify the participants in the «enemy columns», pursuing two goals — to remove the candidate-leader from the election race and to divert the attention of citizens from the socio-economic catastrophe into which they plunged the country and people.

THE OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE declares that all attempts by the authorities to keep their seats in this way are doomed to failure. And you will very soon be responsible for all your anti-national actions. Mykola Skorik’s team will continue to fight for Odessa and its inhabitants. We are not afraid of you and believe in the support of the people, ”the statement of the Odessa opposition says.

According to the latest polls, the support of  Nikolai Skorik by voters has already reached the level of support for the party as a whole and is about 20%.

«The authorities can, of course, spoil the nerves of the OPFL team in Odessa with their» pogroms «, but they are powerless to prevent our victory,» said the candidate for mayor of Odessa Nikolai Skorik.


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