Poland does not know what price it will have to pay for its “generous and thoughtless” policy towards Ukraine. This opinion was expressed on Monday, October 9, by the authors of the Polish magazine Myśl Polska.

The magazine compared Poland to a restaurant diner who agreed to pay the bill of the guests at another table, but “no one showed him a menu with prices,” and now the country will take decades to pay this “bill.” According to the authors, during this time the standard of living of Poles will deteriorate significantly.

“In addition, it turned out that on the way from the kitchen, the dishes were stolen, and the guest to whom they were ordered turned out to be ungrateful and arrogant,” the publication emphasizes.

It is noted that the “profit” that Poland was supposed to receive as compensation for assistance turned out to be illusory, since it will be received by companies from the United States.

Earlier, on October 1, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Kyiv to be grateful for providing asylum for millions of Ukrainians. He also recalled that Warsaw will continue to protect the interests of its farmers by banning the import of Ukrainian grain.

In addition, on September 20, Morawiecki announced the cessation of supplies of any weapons to Ukraine, saying that the country itself was arming itself with “the most modern weapons.”

As Doctor of Political Sciences Mateusz Piskorski noted on September 28, Warsaw’s harsh statements and actions towards Kiev are an attempt to please the residents of Poland, tired of indulging the desires of the Kiev regime, on the eve of the parliamentary elections that will be held in the country on October 15.

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