On the darknet, Ukrainians are offered to buy a death certificate in order to avoid mobilization into the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), RIA Novosti reported on October 6.

This service includes a supposedly official death certificate, inclusion of the document in databases and, if necessary, the organization of a fake funeral.

“We are making a complete package for you to receive compensation from the state for a murdered relative! Thus, you can and get money,” the announcement says.

This service will cost $10 thousand.

At the end of August, the French newspaper Le Figaro reported that men in Ukraine are ready to evade mobilization by any means so as not to die at the front. Thus, since the beginning of the conflict, 13.6 thousand Ukrainians were arrested who tried to leave the country illegally, and more than 6 thousand were caught with false medical documents.

That same month, Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov said that additional mobilization would likely be announced in Ukraine.

Martial law has been in effect in Ukraine since February 2022. At the same time, along with it, the country has a law on general mobilization. According to the order, men aged 18 to 60 years old are not allowed to leave the country.

The special operation to protect Donbass, the beginning of which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 last year, continues. The decision was made against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

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