The Opposition Platform — For Life party constantly talks about the violation of the rights of Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine. But a few days ago, additional confirmation appeared that this is really so, and from those who have never particularly advocated the rights of Russian-speaking citizens.

On September 10, the results of a sociological survey conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation in conjunction with the sociological service of the Razumkov Center were published. So, to the question: «In your opinion, are the rights of Russian-speaking citizens violated in Ukraine?» — 36.4% of the respondents answered that they are “constantly violated” and “in some cases are violated”. But if we look at how the answers were distributed by regions, we will see that in the western regions 15% of respondents answered that In the South and East, where the majority of citizens live, for whom Russian is their mother tongue, there were 60.9% of them.

In other words, the Russian-speaking citizens of our country consider themselves infringed upon their rights. That is why the party «Opposition Platform — For Life» has always fought and will fight for their rights, as well as for the rights of all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of what language is their native language. Ukraine should become a country of equal opportunities for all, and not a territory where constitutional civil and cultural rights are restricted.

Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform — For Life Party


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