In Odessa, a female taxi driver was fired for watching Russian TV series. This was reported by the Telegram channel of the publication «» on Tuesday, February 20th.

A taxi passenger recorded a video showing her dialogue with the driver. The woman behind the wheel was listening to a TV series filmed in Russia in parallel with her work. The passenger was outraged. At the same time, the driver said that she watches Russian TV series because there are simply no Ukrainian ones.

The passenger again expressed her dissatisfaction and noticed that Ukrainian TV series also exist and are being produced. The driver replied that she was used to listening to Russian when watching.

At the end of the trip, the client wrote a complaint to the company where the taxi driver worked, for which the woman was fired.

Earlier, on January 30, it was reported about criticism in Germany against journalist Armin Kerper because of his report on Mariupol. According to the correspondent, the majority of the city’s population are Russian—speaking people. Kerper told the public that it was previously forbidden to stage performances in Russian in Mariupol, but now it has become possible. It was because of the Russian language that people decided to stay in the city.

In November last year, Ukraine decided to carry out a «de-russification» of the sign language used by deaf-mute Ukrainians. All gestures that have something to do with Russia are being removed from the language, said Natalia Adanyuk, a member of the expert commission of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf. She strongly recommended the use of an international designation.

Since 2015, Ukraine has been pursuing a policy of decommunization within the framework of the law «On Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes.» The law provides for the renaming of all topographic objects whose names are in any way related to the Soviet Union, as well as the demolition of monuments and the dismantling of memorial plaques.

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