The action of the NASH TV channel in Kherson turned into clashes with representatives of the National Corps and another attack on journalists.

Based on the video, unknown people began attacking journalists, participants and spectators of the rally, breaking equipment, and snatching personal belongings from their hands. The attackers, judging by the inscriptions on their clothes, are representatives of the National Corps organization, which is not the first time it has been implicated in obstructing journalistic activities and beating up media representatives.

Another attack on journalists  commented head of the National Union of Journalists Sergey Tomilenko.

«If our colleagues work with a microphone, if they are employees of the channel, and they want to exercise the right of a Ukrainian journalist to a robot in their legal field, then no ML, not from any parties, no matter what slogans they declare, have a moat to hinder journalistic activities. this is an attempt to censor using such a crude method as the use of force. If you don’t like the content, if you don’t like the work of a journalist, you need to go to court, » said Tomilenko.

 According to human rights activist EduardBagirov, the behavior of unknown young people in Kherson is an article of the Criminal Code.

«This form of behavior is at least a violation of public order, and secondly-hooliganism. Water rushes, and then runs cowardly, if you are a man, then you must be responsible for your actions. You can not attack government officials, police officers, you can not harm their health. These people hinder the work of journalists — this is an article of the Criminal Code«, » the human rights activist said.

Recall that in August, after the action of the National Corps «Stop capitulation», «peaceful» protestants beat up a photojournalist of the «Letters» publicationAlexandrKuzhelny. The attackers filmed everything that was happening and later published a video of the attack. Earlier, the same journalistwas attacked by neo-Nazis under the courthouse, where the case of a Belarusian antifaactivist  AlexeyBolenkov was being heard.

But, alas, to wait for a particularly severe punishment for the attackers is not necessary, given the delicate attitude of our police representatives of «Nazcorpus» as, for example, in the case of those thugs that dismantled  «Soviet» scenery in the Alley of the Heavenly Hundred, they not only released from the police, and the SBI even filed a case against police officers who allegedly exceeded his authority when he was detained activists.

Earlier, we wrote that it is not the first time that the National Council for TV and Radio Issues has tried to deprive NASH TV channel of its license for statements made by guests in the studio during a live broadcast.

Source: klymenko-time

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