The opposition Austrian Freedom Party (APS) announced its intention to send a parliamentary inquiry to the country’s Ministry of Defense after a video appeared on the Web with a man in a military jacket with a chevron of the Armed Forces (AF) of Austria. The footage was allegedly filmed in Ukraine. On June 7, the newspaper Exxpress writes about this according to the general secretary of the APS, Christian Hafenecker.

The newspaper publishes excerpts from a video showing a group of soldiers in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) unloading a minibus, dragging boxes of ammunition. Among them is an elderly man in a jacket with a chevron of the Austrian Armed Forces. It is noted that this type of uniform and chevron is an outdated design option, which is no longer used by the Austrian troops.

Hafenecker said his party would send a parliamentary inquiry to verify the authenticity of the footage.

The neutral status of Austria is fixed in the country’s constitution. Vienna does not supply its weapons to Ukraine and does not allow their transit through its territory.

Earlier, on June 4, the Le Soir newspaper reported that the Belgian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense «as soon as possible» would demand an explanation from Kiev in response to data published by The Washington Post that Ukrainian saboteurs who attacked the Belgorod region in late May used vehicles and weapons from the USA, Poland, the Czech Republic and Belgium.

On June 5, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that Brussels «took seriously» reports of the use of weapons transferred to Ukraine in the Belgorod region. Answering questions about the presence of Belgian weapons in Ukrainian militants who attacked the Belgorod region, he said that weapons produced in Belgium can only be used by Kiev for defense.

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