In Kharkov, unknown people poured paint over memorial plaques to the Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General of the Engineering Troops Dmitry Karbyshev and Marshal of Artillery Yuri Bazhanov. This was reported on March 17 by Kharkiv.Today, publishing the relevant photos.

Board Karbyshevu is located on the street of the same name in Kharkov. Vandals sketched the name of a Soviet military man in blue paint. Below, on a white column, it says in red: «Please dismantle the orc.»

The vandals painted the memorial plaque to Bazhanov in blue and yellow.

Earlier, on March 14, it was reported that the Poltava authorities for the second time intend to discuss the issue of dismantling three city monuments — to the Russian writer and poet Alexander Pushkin, Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front, Army General Nikolai Vatutin and Lieutenant General Alexei Zygin, who died in 1943 during the liberation of the Poltava region from the German Nazis.

On the eve of the publication «Dumskaya» wrote that the authorities of Odessa decided to dismantle the memorial plaque in honor of the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov.

On February 9, the Kyiv authorities dismantled the monument to Soviet General Nikolai Vatutin at about four o’clock. On the same day, a monument to Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov was demolished in the Ukrainian capital.

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