In Kyiv, two sisters danced twerk on the graves of Ukrainian servicemen and posted a video on the social network on the Independence Day of Ukraine. For such an act, they face up to five years in prison, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine writes on August 25 in its Telegram channel.

“Yesterday, a video showing girls dancing on the graves of servicemen got into social networks. His law enforcement officers discovered during the monitoring and promptly responded. They identified two adult residents of Kyiv who committed an offense, and are now deciding whether to inform them of suspicion, ”the department reports.

The girls admitted their guilt and noted that they danced on the grave of their father, who died in Izyum. They explained their behavior by an unusual burial culture.

A criminal case has been initiated against the girls under the article on desecration of the grave. According to it, they can face up to five years in prison, reminds Gazeta.Ru.

Earlier, on June 2, Ukrainian singer Inna Voronova was sent under house arrest for two months because of a published video of air defense work in Kyiv. After the publication of the video, they began to use it to confirm that the American Patriot air defense system was vulnerable to the Russian «Dagger».

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