In Ukraine, deputies may be stripped of their mobilization armor as part of a new bill being considered by the Verkhovna Rada. On January 13, RBC-Ukraine writes about this, citing a source from the entourage of President Vladimir Zelensky.

«Obviously, we will remove reservations for deputies, officials and the like to show that everyone is equal. There is little practical sense in this, but otherwise the people will not understand,» says an unnamed interlocutor from the Servant of the People party.

He noted that it was not difficult to predict the outrage of the people caused by the new draft law on mobilization, but the authorities «underestimated the reaction of the people.»

The document was returned to Parliament for revision, and the discussion of the changes failed. As a result, as the deputy says, the authorities «did not actually approve any legislative changes,» but at the same time caused a negative reaction from the public.

However, the source believes that the situation could have turned out worse if the bill had been submitted to the session hall for consideration. If it had been adopted, no one would have been able to figure out the bill, and if it had not been approved, there would have been a «maximum failure,» the deputy says.

The interlocutor also said that the completion of the current first season of the mobilization story in parliament is perceived without much optimism.

Earlier in the day, the Ambassador-at-large of the Russian Foreign Ministry for crimes of the Kiev regime, Rodion Miroshnik, said that Vladimir Zelensky had evaded mobilization four times in 2014 and 2015. Then the Ukrainian MPs drew attention to this and made a request to the country’s Defense Ministry to find out the reasons.

Also on January 13, the Ukrainian media reported that residents of the Carpathian region were offered to build fortifications for a delay from mobilization. Defensive structures, as journalists say, must be built in the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). A total of 300 people are needed.

Before that, on January 9, military commissars conducted raids on public transport in Odessa. It is reported that the staff of the military enlistment office entered public transport and took out all the men, after which they were taken away. It is noted that mentions of such actions are not isolated.

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