Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform — For Life (OPFL) party, MP Viktor Medvedchuk wrote an open letter to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

The politician pointed out the key challenges facing President Zelensky today. As stated in Medvedchuk’s address, there are three such challenges. Medvedchuk believes that it is time for Vladimir Zelensky to focus, answer them and take responsibility for the country that chose him as president.

The text of Viktor Medvedchuk’s appeal was circulated by the official website of the OPFL.

“A year ago, you took over as President of the country thanks to the unique level of support from Ukrainian citizens. You entered politics with no political or governmental experience.

I think today you will agree that for the citizens of Ukraine and, I hope, for you, neither the first nor the second is a reason to remove responsibility for what is happening in the country. This is a huge responsibility that fell on your shoulders at a difficult moment in both Ukrainian and world history. But history does not take into account complexities and qualifications. She remembers and honors those who have met the challenges ahead of him. You can’t give her the script and make her shoot an extra take. But I am far from encouraging you to think about your place and role in history.

The citizens of Ukraine have called you to the post of President in order for you to answer the challenges that you face today. I believe that the discussion on the solution of these problems concerns all Ukrainians, and therefore should take place on a public.

The first challenge that Poroshenko could not answer at one time (and the Ukrainian people elected him President for this very purpose) is the end of the armed conflict in Donbass and the establishment of peace in Ukraine.

Today, servicemen and civilians continue to die and get injured in Donbass. This armed conflict is holding back the development of our country, and 70% of Ukrainians call it a key problem.

The time is inevitably approaching when you will have to answer the question: “What has the President achieved in establishing peace in the East of Ukraine? «. And you will be surprised how few then will be with you those who puff out their cheeks today, talking about the «settlers representing ORDLO (Temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine)», «Budapest format without Russia» and other speculative achievements of Ukrainian diplomacy. There is one real instrument for establishing peace — the Minsk agreements. And they must be fulfilled. This is, of course, difficult. And the national radicals are categorically against this. But I hope and sincerely believe that you are not the President of the national radicals, like the former head of state.

To solve this problem, you will need strength, support, and help, which you will definitely receive, acting in the interests of Ukrainian citizens. All that is required of you is the willingness to act and the determination to be demonstrated.

The second challenge is the bills for housing and communal services. Today they are simply unaffordable for Ukrainians. Tariffs are inflated and the numbers are sky-high.

For individual dealers, tariffs have become a source of enrichment, but for millions of our fellow citizens — the cause of poverty, a banal plunder of the people. Numerous IMF initiatives aimed at delaying the tariff noose only convince people of this. Ukrainians remember well and can easily compare that earlier gas was more expensive, but they paid less.Изменить эту ситуацию непросто.

It is the President, who thinks about his people, who is obliged to fight the numerous gang of crooks and looters, oligarchs, corrupt officials and international usurers who continue to profit from the growing poverty of Ukrainians.

You cannot be afraid of those who robbed the country under Poroshenko and continue to do so today, because they are robbing you as well, even if you don’t notice it yet.

The third challenge is to end forced Ukrainization. You are a Russian-speaking person — do not make efforts on yourself, posing as someone else. Do not follow the lead of the «professional patriots», otherwise you will find yourself in the same boat with them. And they do not know how to shout about their alleged love for Ukraine, their term of political validity is short, and even in their own environment, only those of them who have adhered to certain international grants enjoy special respect.

Protect Russian and minority languages. You will earn the respect of people, the gratitude of Russian-speaking citizens, representatives of other nationalities and objective assessments of foreign partners. It is precisely in the matter of language that, in my opinion, you have the strongest legacy of your acting past — your willingness to play a role and participate in other people’s scripts.

And what was your strength and demonstration of talent is becoming a weakness today. It happens. The President must accept the reality in which he exists — the Ukraine you have learned about, perhaps even more than you wanted, its problems and difficulties, desires and expectations. But this will inevitably have to be done if you want to build Ukraine, and not pretend that you are building it, improve people’s lives, and not «carry out reforms.»

If you want to make Ukraine a successful country, then you should start with yourself. And to be successful for the President does not mean to follow the path of concentration of his power, as did Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Poroshenko. The success of the President primarily depends on building a strong and professional team. And you can rely only on those who know how to work, are professionally prepared for this and want to achieve the desired result for the country, ”the politician said in his address

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