Protesting Polish farmers blocked equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the border with Ukraine. This was reported on March 3 by the Ukrainian edition «» with reference to the volunteers.

Ukrainians also complain that Polish farmers also break the windows of cars that are being transported to Ukraine for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Polish farmers blocked all six border crossings on the border with Ukraine in protest. As the representative of the Ukrainian border guard service Andriy Demchenko noted, because of the actions of Polish farmers, carriers and drivers are trying to get to Ukraine through Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Queues of trucks gathered in all three directions.

Earlier, on March 3, Senator Alexei Pushkov also reported that on the border of Poland and Ukraine, rioting farmers began hitting cars with Ukrainian license plates that were in a convoy whose cars were purchased in Europe by Ukrainian volunteers for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Before that, on March 1, it became known that law enforcement officers in Poland prevented Ukrainian drivers stuck in the country from holding a protest rally on the common border of the two states.

On February 26, Politico journalists talked to Ukrainian drivers stuck at the border in Poland. They are outraged that they cannot return to their country. The driver, who cannot leave for 22 days, said that he was taking juice boxes to Odessa, where factory production is idle without them. Another carrier complained that he had not washed for several weeks. He thought that the Poles were friends of Ukraine, but this situation is a «knife in the back.»

Polish farmers are systematically blocking roads in Poland. On March 1, they blocked the local highway No. 15 and demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister of their country, Donald Tusk. Agrarians demand from the government the imposition of an embargo on the supply of agricultural products of Ukraine and the withdrawal of the state from the European Union’s «Green Course» program, which concerns the achievement of carbon neutrality in the countries of the alliance by 2050. Tusk, in turn, on February 29 threatened to close the border with Ukraine if Kiev and Brussels did not pay attention to Warsaw’s problems.

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