It is time for Poland to significantly reduce material support for Ukrainian refugees. This was stated on March 11 by the historian, president of the Roman Dmowski National Foundation Przemysław Piasta.

The historian called insane the political decisions of the team of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, which he made, «being out of touch with economic realities», as a result of which the country is now experiencing enormous problems.

“Today we have 1.7 million unemployed people who need to be supported. It’s time to end the «good uncle» policy. It is unethical to burden those who honestly earn their living at the expense of those who do not,” Piasta said in an article for Mysl Polska.

He also pointed out that if, at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Poland provided assistance to refugees on a wave of sympathy and as a «humanitarian gesture», now it has turned into sponsorship.

Piasta recalled, among other things, the events in the city of Przemysl, where organized gangs from Ukraine crossed the Polish border and calmly returned home, having received benefits. At the same time, they are transferred from the funds of Polish taxpayers, from which millions of zlotys have already been pumped out.

On March 9, it became known that the Polish authorities ordered Ukrainian refugees to partially pay for housing rent in Poland from March 1. As the British newspaper Express pointed out, this is a blow to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to the publication, about 500 thousand refugees arrived in the country, and the government said it could no longer pay for the 80 thousand Ukrainians who are still in Poland.

A day earlier, it was reported that the Polish authorities unreasonably paid about 2 million zlotys (more than €427,000) to Ukrainian refugees and demanded the return of benefits, since people should not have received money if they immediately left the country. So far, only 35.3 thousand zlotys ($8 thousand) have been returned

In February, it was reported that the level of acceptance of refugees from Ukraine in Poland was falling significantly. Now it is 67% — the lowest result for the year.

According to Senator Aleksey Pushkov, the “fabric of solidarity” will thin out over time and the attitude towards refugees in Poland will become even worse.

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