The Russian army is several times superior to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in terms of ammunition, which makes it possible to break through at the front. This was stated in an interview with the German TV channel ntv Nachrichten by Colonel of the General Staff of the Austrian Armed Forces Markus Reisner.

«On average, about 2 thousand shells are fired from the Ukrainian side on certain sections of the front, and about 10 thousand are fired from the Russian side. This means that we have a one—to-five ratio again, and this, of course, automatically affects the situation on the battlefield,» he said in an interview published on January 22 on the publication’s YouTube channel.

Reisner recalled that the European Union has not delivered the promised million shells to Ukraine by the end of 2023. In addition, the United States is not able to fully help the Kiev regime, since they have to supply ammunition for Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip.

Shift the angle: the Russian army is striking powerful blows at the rear of the VFU

The change of the affected areas prevents the Ukrainian forces from maneuvering with a few air defense systems

On January 24, the Business Insider portal reported that American weapons in Ukraine are starting to work intermittently, since the United States does not have money that could be spent on repairs. At the same time, Pentagon press Secretary Major General Patrick Ryder explained at a briefing that currently Kiev may not expect help from Washington, because there are no funds left for support.

Earlier, on January 23, it was reported that the United States, which is unable to send the necessary ammunition and missiles to Ukraine, will hold a monthly meeting with representatives of about 50 countries of the contact group on military assistance to the state. Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh noted that at the moment the United States cannot provide security assistance, but the state’s partners continue to do so.

On January 22, John Kirby, coordinator for strategic Communications at the White House National Security Council, said that the next few months would be critically important for Ukraine, as a significant part of the weapons were being depleted, but the United States was faithful to the strategy of supporting Kiev and would continue to help.

On January 16, British historian Neil Ferguson, in an interview with Die Welt newspaper, said that the Russian Armed Forces would make a decisive breakthrough this year. In addition, the historian stressed that American support for Ukraine is weakening. In his opinion, the same thing happened earlier with Iraq and Afghanistan.

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