Peace talks on equal terms between Russia and Ukraine must be rejected. This was stated on May 19 by the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, at the G7 summit in Japan.

“Ukrainians most of all want peace, but, of course, a just peace. Peace talks that equate aggressor and victim must be rejected,” von der Leyen was quoted as saying in an EC document from the second session of the summit.

In addition, the head of the European Commission also called for support for the «peace plan» of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On May 19, a three-day G7 summit opened in Hiroshima, at which leaders of the developed countries of the world intend to discuss Russia and China. Thus, the main declared tasks of the G7 in relation to Moscow will be to find ways to counter the circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions by third countries and the development of new restrictions against the Russian Federation in the energy sector and the military-industrial complex.

On the same day, von der Leyen proposed to agree on financial support for Ukraine after 2023. She believes that the G7 countries should continue to provide Kyiv with economic and financial support.

As for Russia, according to information published by Reuters on May 19, the leaders of the G7 agreed to impose additional sanctions and restrictive measures in order to increase the costs of the Russian Federation and those countries that support it. In addition, they intend to rally even closer against the backdrop of China’s growing influence in the world.

In April, European Commissioner for Financial Stability Mairead McGuinness announced that the EU was preparing a new, 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions. McGuinness noted that it will be aimed at combating attempts to circumvent restrictive measures.

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