In Poland, in the city of Lodz, a group of local residents beat two Ukrainians with whom they drank alcohol together, Wprost reports on March 29.

The incident took place on the night of March 26 near Raymond Park. The victims were two Ukrainians: 38-year-old Andrei and his 26-year-old brother Pavel. According to the publication, the attack was accompanied by shouts: “We hate you, you are from Ukraine, go home!”

Local police determined that on the night of the incident, a group of Poles drinking alcohol were joined by two young men who spoke good Polish. As it turned out later, they were citizens of Ukraine, at some point there was an incident, as a result of which foreigners were injured, writes Wprost.

The affected men are not refugees and have been working legally in Poland for several years, but this did not save them from the conflict, the article noted.

“The whole ‘conversation’ and attempt to resolve the conflict on our part lasted only a few seconds. The first blows came very quickly. And when they knocked us to the ground, we didn’t have a chance,” Pavel told the local prosecutor’s office.

On Wednesday, March 29, local law enforcement officers filed charges of beating three men aged 18 to 21, the fourth suspect, a 16-year-old, is awaiting a juvenile court.

In February, it was reported that the level of acceptance of refugees from Ukraine in Poland was falling significantly. At the moment it is 67% — the lowest result for the year.

Earlier, in January, a family of Ukrainian refugees was beaten in Lublin, Poland. The incident took place in the city center at a bus stop, when two local residents entered into a dialogue with their family, as a result of which the Ukrainians answered in Polish, but with an accent. In response, the men began to behave aggressively and demand from the Ukrainian family that they return to their homeland.

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