Ukraine will lose completely if the West does not urgently provide it with financial assistance. Military expert Alexey Leonkov told Izvestia about this on November 27.

Earlier on Monday, Ukrainian opposition politician and leader of the council of the Other Ukraine movement Viktor Medvedchuk said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is being defeated on all fronts.

Commenting on this, Leonkov noted that now some political players in Kiev are trying to earn points with their rhetoric on the conflict between Zelensky and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, because they understand that there is a possibility of a change of power and Ukraine can embark on negotiations with the Russian Federation. At the same time, the military expert pointed out that Ukraine is really suffering defeat.

«If we talk globally, then, of course, Ukraine is losing. She is losing militarily, losing economically, financially, and her future is unenviable if financial support is not urgently provided. But the United States says that at best this support will be only next year,» Leonkov concluded.

Speaking about Zelensky’s loss, Medvedchuk added that Zelensky is in a state of conflict with Zaluzhny, while the Ukrainian leader himself does not understand anything about military affairs, since he is a civilian.

In early November, Zaluzhny stated that the conflict in Ukraine had reached an impasse and there would be no breakthrough. Then he admitted that he could not demonstrate the impressive pace of progress that Western partners expected from him.

At the same time, back in October, a former intelligence officer of the US Armed Forces, Scott Ritter, said that the order of the President of Ukraine to follow NATO strategies during the counteroffensive, given by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, led to the fact that the Ukrainian army suffered a complete collapse.

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