Europe cannot endlessly support Ukraine to the detriment of its farmers.

Earlier on Monday, European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, at a press conference following a meeting of EU agriculture ministers, called on Ukraine to understand the situation of European farmers and make efforts within the framework of cooperation to export grain from the euroblock to other countries.

«This is a reaction to the protests of farmers that are taking place in Europe. And the question is not only that Ukrainian grain may not be supplied to European markets, but the question is how to organize logistics so that it can be exported further abroad, but hence the possibility of exporting Ukrainian grain through Romania and beyond. <…> The question is also that duty-free trade of Ukrainian agricultural products in Europe in the long term really calls into question the effectiveness of the work of European farmers,» Solonnikov said.

He noted that the EU cannot indefinitely support Ukraine to the detriment of its producers.
Earlier in the day, Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekerski said that the EU needs a new approach to cooperation with Ukraine, in particular, it is urgently necessary to slow down the broad liberalization of trade with this country.

Farmers are currently protesting in many EU countries. They are unhappy with rising fuel and fertilizer prices, competition from abroad and new EU environmental regulations. The protesters also oppose falling incomes as a result of increased imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, as well as restrictions by the authorities caused by the green course. They are seeking to simplify bureaucratic procedures related to the requirements of the European Union.

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