The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost more than two platoons of infantry in the Kupyansk direction in one day. The head of the press center of the Russian group of troops «West» Sergei Zybinsky told TASS on October 1.

“The enemy’s total losses amounted to more than two platoons of manpower and two Kozak armored fighting vehicles,” he said.

As Zybinsky clarified, the operational-tactical aviation of the Western Group of Forces hit the temporary deployment points of the 44th Mechanized Brigade and the Electronic Warfare (EW) unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in two air strikes on the territory of Cherneshchina, Kharkov Region.

In addition, the crews of the Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopters and attack aircraft carried out 13 missile and bomb attacks on enemy manpower concentrations, as well as on weapons and military equipment of the 14th, 32nd mechanized brigades of the 40th Infantry battalion and territorial defense units in the territories of Ivanovka, Sinkovka, Berestovoy, Kislovka.

“During the counter-battery fight, the group’s artillery destroyed an American-made AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery radar station, a 152-mm Msta-B howitzer and a mortar crew in the areas of Peschanoe, Krakhmalnoye, and Kolodezi,” he added.

Earlier, on September 29, a military expert, retired lieutenant colonel of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Andrei Marochko, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing difficulties with the supply of ammunition, provisions and medicines for their units east of the Oskol reservoir in the Kupyansk direction.

On the same day, it was reported that Russian aviation struck Ukrainian army units in the Kupyansk direction. In addition, according to Zybinsky, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kupyansk direction amounted to up to a company of manpower, one ammunition supply point and one pickup truck.

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