Repressive methods of mobilization in Ukraine, outlined in the new bill, will only lead to demotivation of citizens. This statement was made on December 28 by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Egor Chernev.

«There has been a mixed reaction in society, in parliament and in the Rada committee to the new draft law on mobilization. Therefore, there are many questions about some points. Personally, I do not agree that the emphasis should be placed on repressive methods of mobilization,» he said on the Rada TV channel.

Chernev noted that it is impossible to allow situations in which the military wrings the hands of passers-by and takes them to commissariats. In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities need to establish contact with the population and motivate them to defend the country so that recruitment into the army prevails over mobilization, the Newspaper writes.Ru».

The deputy also clarified that the first reading of the bill could take place as early as January 2024, but the process of adopting the document itself is likely to be delayed.

At the same time, earlier, on December 27, the leadership of the Servant of the People party advised the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada not to comment on the draft on mobilization in Ukraine. According to one MP, the bill causes concern among many and he himself is also worried about his personal safety.

On December 25, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Ukrainian Parliament a new draft law on mobilization in the country. According to the document, it is supposed to exclude military service as a type, and to dismiss all conscripts to the reserve. In addition, it is proposed to remove the category of limited fitness for military service, and all those already recognized as limited fit for military service will be required to undergo a medical examination again. At the same time, Ukrainians who do not appear on the agenda will temporarily be unable to travel abroad, carry out transactions with property and will lose all benefits and public services.

Later, on December 26, Rada deputy Yevgeny Shevchenko said that the proposed draft law drives citizens into a corner, it violates fundamental rights and freedoms. According to the politician, this law can become an instrument of state revenge directed against those who do not want to take part in hostilities, but are trying to save their lives.

He stressed that this law, which is a form of coercion and forcible sending of people to the front, can cause even more aggression among the population against the Kiev regime.

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