Three Ukrainian border guards got lost in the Maramures mountains while trying to detain migrants and ended up in Romania. The incident was reported by local newspaper Liber Tatea on June 17.

It is known that the Ukrainians were detained by the Romanian police on the fact of illegal border crossing near the city of Viseu de Sus.

“They [the border guards] claim that they got lost due to poor visibility in the mountains and thus ended up on the territory of our country,” the report says.

As specified in the Romanian border police, an hour earlier, before the border guards were discovered, ordinary citizens of Ukraine entered Romania with a request to grant them asylum. It was for this group that representatives of the Ukrainian border service “hunted”.

It is known that the refugees will be transported to a special center. Ukrainian border guards, on the other hand, will be transferred to their homeland after completing all the required procedures.

Earlier, on June 12, political scientist Vasily Koltashov, commenting on the situation with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, said that helping refugees in the face of an economic downturn in the countries of the European Union causes rage among the European population. According to the political scientist, many Ukrainians are not forced migrants — they move to the EU countries for new opportunities.

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