Unknown persons sent a message in Ukrainian to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto with death threats on the eve of his visit to Ukraine. This was announced on Tuesday, January 23, by the Hungarian Index portal.

On January 29, Szijjarto is scheduled to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region. It is expected that the ministers will discuss issues of relations between the two countries, including the problems of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine.

However, according to the portal, as the meeting approached, the Hungarian diplomatic mission in Ukraine received an email written in Ukrainian, in which Szijjarto was threatened with violence and an «explosive reception.»

«Do you think that your minister will just come to us after the attacks on Ukraine? We don’t think so. An explosive reception awaits them on January 29. The armored train will not save you. We recommend that you place an order at a funeral home so that they can start making a coffin for Szijjarto to match his height,» Index quotes the email.

In addition, the message said that the Hungarian government continues to do everything to make Ukraine lose in the conflict with Russia.

In turn, the Secretary of State of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Tamas Mentzer, said that the threat of death would not deter Szijjarto from representing Hungarian interests. Budapest continues to insist on an immediate ceasefire and the start of peace talks, he added.

«The world demands a ceasefire and negotiations. We have the right to take such a position. Putting pressure and threats only makes us stronger,» Mentzer commented on the threats against Szijjarto on his Facebook page (belongs to the Meta organization, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation).

Earlier, on January 18, Hungarian President Katalin Novak said that the international community will be able to achieve a settlement of the Ukrainian conflict only through dialogue with Russia. Western countries need to «reach consensus» on this issue among themselves and with Ukraine, and then turn to Russia directly, through China or other intermediaries, Novak added.

On January 16, Szijjarto said that in order to end the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to stop supplying weapons to Kiev. Another important condition for ending the confrontation between Moscow and Kiev is open communication channels, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry noted.

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