The body of a man who was trying to cross from Ukraine to Romania was found in the Tisza River. This was reported on March 23 in the State Border Service of Ukraine (GPSU).

“Border guards in the Tisza River found the body of a man who tried to illegally enter Romania. Together with him, a passport and a driver’s license wrapped in polyethylene were found, ”said the department in Telegram.

The service said that an attempt to illegally cross the country could be deadly.

The border between Ukraine and Romania runs partly along the Tisza River. It also separates the territories of Ukraine and Hungary in separate sections.

Earlier, on February 28, the State Border Guard Service reported the detention of four organizers and 16 men of military age who were trying to illegally enter Romania and Moldova. Their route mainly ran through hard-to-reach, snow-covered mountainous sections of the border.

Prior to that, on February 16, the Ukrainian border service detained four men who were trying to get into Romania on an air mattress.

On February 7, the State Border Service of Ukraine announced the arrest of 13 men who intended to illegally cross the border with Romania. They were going to cross the border on foot in one of the mountainous sections of the Carpathians.

On that day, martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine were extended for 90 days. The departure of men aged 18 to 60 is prohibited due to martial law.

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