In Ukraine, they plan to introduce criminal liability for the publication of data on the flight of drones and missiles, which make it possible to identify air defense blind spots. This was announced on Wednesday, March 22, by Yuriy Ignat, Advisor to the Command of the Air Force (Air Force) of Ukraine.

“In the near future, criminal cases may be opened, because some Telegram channels transmit real-time information about the movement of UAVs or missiles,” he said on the air of the Ukrainian telethon.

According to him, screenshots of the Virazh-tablet system, a Ukrainian program that allows you to monitor the situation in the airspace, are also being published. The screen displays the time and location of the drones, as well as their disappearance from the radar. In addition, there is data on places not covered by Ukrainian radars.

“How they get it is a separate conversation. But I think everyone should understand that this all leads to the fact that the enemy knows where our weak points are, ”the military man said.

He added that materials about the facts of such publications have already been submitted to the relevant authorities.

Earlier this month, Ukraine called black magic how the Russian Armed Forces shoot down Ukrainian drones. Thus, The Economist magazine, citing Ukrainian sources in the field of defense, wrote that Russian systems can jam signals, affect GPS, and send drones along a different route. At the same time, Ukrainian reconnaissance drones can hardly see more than 15 km behind Russian positions.

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