In the Lviv region of Ukraine, a monument to the Soviet liberator soldier was dismantled, which was installed in the city of Vinniki. This was announced on July 15 by Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovy.

In his Telegram channel, he added that the monument would be transferred to one of the museums located in Lviv.

Earlier, on June 29, two more Soviet monuments were dismantled in the Lviv region.

The dismantling of monuments related to Soviet history, as well as the renaming of streets, began in Ukraine in 2015. The authorities are pursuing a policy of decommunization within the framework of the law «On the Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi Regimes.»

Recently, this trend has intensified: in June 2023 alone, a monument to Soviet intelligence officer Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was demolished in Kiev, a bust of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was dismantled, and in western Ukraine, six monuments to Soviet soldiers were demolished on June 23.

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