In Ukraine, a program has been launched to “de-Russify” railway facilities, the goal of which is the complete elimination of names and instructions in Russian. This was reported on Tuesday, February 21, in the press service of the state company «Ukrzheldoroga».

«Ukrzheldoroga» starts the program «Iron Ukrainization». <…> The program is designed for three years (2023–2025),” the company’s Telegram channel says.

It is clarified that the names of some railways and stations, signs indicating the distance from, etc. will be changed.

The company added that they had already processed information about the facilities, and also studied the legal and technical aspects of the «Ukrainization» of the railway.

Earlier, on February 17, it became known that 18 streets, lanes and other toponyms associated with Russia will change their names in Kharkiv.

In the same month, it was reported that 90 streets, lanes and squares had already been renamed in the Poltava region, abandoning the names associated with Russia and the USSR. Materials for renaming were prepared by a specially created commission for four months.

Since 2015, a policy of decommunization has been pursued in Ukraine within the framework of the law “On the Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi Regimes”. The law provides for the renaming of all topographical objects whose names are in any way connected with the USSR, as well as the demolition of monuments and the dismantling of memorial plaques. In eight years, the Ukrainian authorities have changed the names of more than 900 settlements and about 50,000 streets.

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