Ukrainians of military age who are trying to enter the territory of Russia from the Baltic States and Poland are forcibly mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This was announced on Thursday, February 23, by a RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation.

According to the interlocutor, men aged 18-55 traveling to Russia from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, as well as from Poland to Belarus, are detained at the border and escorted to the Ukrainian embassies of these countries. After that, they are sent to Ukraine and are required to be mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This also applies to Ukrainians traveling to EU countries from Russia.

“They can no longer go back to the territory of Russia,” the informant reports.

Martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine on February 7 were extended for another 90 days. Mobilization, according to numerous reports, takes place with harsh methods.

So, on February 14 in Odessa, military enlistment office officers severely detained a man in the middle of a crowded street. Video footage filmed by eyewitnesses shows the man, who has been knocked to the pavement, struggling to resist, but people in camouflage uniforms grab his arms and legs in order to drag him into the van.

Caring passers-by tried to stand up for the man, but people in camouflage did not pay attention to them, continuing to twist the man.

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