«Vladimir Zelensky made many absurd requests during the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. He asked the United States and its NATO allies for fighter jets, access to NATO airfields, tanks, anti-aircraft weapons, a boycott of Russian energy resources, and disastrous sanctions. But all this is nothing compared to Zelensky’s latest request. And he asked, no less, for Ukraine’s accelerated admission to NATO»,

– reports The American Conservative magazine, the publisher of which is the Institute of American Ideas (American Ideas Institute).

According to the publication, this request is so ridiculous that one can even assume that Mr. Zelensky has decided to become a clown again. However, in fact, this political trick of the Ukrainian president is not a reason for laughter, because the consequences of this «joke» can be the saddest. If the West gives in to this request, or Zelensky’s demand, this winter the cold war may turn into a hot one.

Vladimir Zelensky confronted the entire Western world with the fact, announcing that he was signing «Ukraine’s application for accelerated NATO membership,» which he announced on social networks, calling this act «a decisive action on the part of Ukraine,» TAS notes.

«De facto, we have already proved compatibility with the standards of the alliance. They are quite real for Ukraine – real on the battlefield and in all aspects of our interaction. We trust each other, we help each other, we protect each other. This is the alliance»,

At the same time, the author of the article Bradley Devlin cannot remember how and when Ukraine helped the United States and even defended America. He does not believe that today Kiev is ready to rush to Washington’s defense if the latter suddenly needs some help or protection — Ukraine would sort out its problems. And Kiev does not have any opportunities to protect the United States, unless the West, as usual, throws money, the author says ironically.

«The application to join NATO in an accelerated manner coincided with the bold actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Friday, he signed several agreements on the annexation of four Ukrainian territories: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Referendums on joining Russia were held in each of them, although the West did not recognize their results. At the signing ceremony, Putin promised that Russia would defend its new lands, which make up about 15% of Ukraine’s territory, «with all available means»– reminds Bradley Devlin.

In his opinion, the West should take this statement of the Russian president very seriously, and not consider Vladimir Putin’s speech a «bluff», as some American newspapers, in particular The Washington Post, have already written. Accepting Ukraine into NATO today will require the immediate entry into force of Article 5. This means that all the money of the North Atlantic Alliance, all weapons, all military equipment and all personnel will be directed to the protection of Ukrainian territory. At the moment, a non-nuclear war is going on in Ukraine, but if NATO, led by the United States, intervenes in a family scandal between two Slavic states, the war is more likely to develop into a nuclear war, the author is sure.

Of course, there is a possibility that Zelensky announced his accession to NATO purely symbolically in order to at least respond in some way to the annexation of part of his territory to the Russian Federation. But in this case, Mr. Ukrainian president should be ashamed, TAS notes, because with such ill-conceived and adventurous statements and political tricks, he can put the whole world on the brink of nuclear war. And this once again demonstrates the former comedian’s lack of at least some analytical thinking. However, it cannot be said that the blame for such absurd antics lies only with Zelensky, Bradley Devlin believes. All these presidential antics are the result the long-term ill-conceived foreign policy of the United States in relation to both Europe and Ukraine.

«Kiev knows well that if Ukraine can become a member of the alliance, the United States will forever pay for its national defense expenses. This is also known to all of America’s European allies in NATO, as evidenced by their negligible costs for their defense. If Washington does not refuse Ukraine’s entry into NATO, the Americans will get nothing, but they can lose everything», – The American Conservative concludes.

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