Kyiv authorities urged citizens to go out less due to high levels of air pollution. This was announced on February 9 by the press service of the city state administration (KSCA) in the Telegram channel.

“In Kyiv, there is a deterioration in air quality, it is recommended to limit your stay on the street,” the message says.

According to the press service, an increased concentration of dust is observed in the air above the city, however, the concentration of harmful substances in the air is not increased and the radiation background is within normal limits. As explained in the administration, the reason was «a combination of meteorological factors», including low wind speeds.

The authorities of the Ukrainian capital advised city residents to close windows in their houses, turn on air purifiers to the maximum and drink more water.

Earlier, on October 25, 2022, the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper reported that architectural monuments began to suffer due to air pollution in the center of St. Petersburg. In particular, the Moscow Gates suffered from polluted air. Despite the relatively recent restoration in 2001, the city authorities have again announced a competition for the renewal of the elements of the object.

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