One person was killed and two were injured in a shootout near the Kyiv market in Odessa. This was announced on May 1 by the main department of the national police of the Odessa region on a Facebook page (owned by the Meta organization, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation).

“As a result of the incident, one person died. Two more people with gunshot wounds were taken to the hospital,” the police said.

Photos of cars damaged by shots and police officers working on the spot were also published.

According to the Ukrainian edition of Klimenko Time, the dead are a man and a woman. The motive for the shooting has not been specified.

The police added that they are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

More than a year ago, the Kyiv authorities initiated the distribution of small arms and ammunition to the civilian population of the city. Weapons were also distributed to residents of other regions, ostensibly to organize territorial defense.

In July 2022, Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, told Izvestiya that in order to control the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the UN, it is necessary to impose an embargo against this country by adopting a corresponding resolution of the Security Council.

In the same month, a member of the Russian hacker group RaHDIt said that, according to operational data, weapons supplied to Ukraine go to smugglers and criminal structures.

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