Residents of Polish Krasnystav began to complain about Ukrainian refugees who “keep the city in fear”. This is reported by the portal Lublin112.

“Residents of Krasnystav note how refugees behave in stores. They walk between the shelves, open the packages of various products, “treat themselves” to the contents, and then put them back,” the May 31 publication says.

According to the article, «the once peaceful city has become a place of fraud, theft and concern for the safety of their loved ones» because of a group of several dozen «Ukrainian refugees with gypsy roots.» So, the material refers to the case when the police detained a man, because of which other refugees gathered around the official car and tried to interfere with the law enforcement officers. The situation was resolved after the police threatened to use gas and batons.

Messages about violations or aggressive behavior of these people are published on social networks. At the same time, there were so many signals that the local authorities had to intervene in the situation — the mayor of Krasnystav, Robert Kostyuk, said that he would make sure that each of the residents felt safe, the portal reports.

The authorities held a meeting with the leadership of the police, as a result of which it was decided to strengthen the patrol at the place of residence of the refugees.

Earlier, on May 30, a 52-year-old Ukrainian refugee was arrested in the Polish city of Poznan, who is accused of selling children to pedophiles. The woman does not have her own children, she is raising foster children. When crossing the border, she was accompanied by 10 children aged 4 to 16.

On April 5, the Myśl Polska portal wrote in an article about refugees from Ukraine that the state cult of Nazi leaders left a deep mark on generations of Ukrainians. The authors of the material noted that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have arrived in Poland since February 2022. They were received as good neighbors, compassionately and with sympathy, but the realization came only with time, when it was already too late.

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