Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was mistaken in thinking that German aid could replace the support of the United States, which allocates less and less funds to Kiev. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Andrzej Gil in an interview with the Polish magazine Do Rzeczy on January 30.

«He (Zelensky. — Ed.) does not understand that Germany is unable to provide him with any military assistance. The only source of such assistance can only be the United States. No modern politician who really assesses the situation would turn to Germany about this,» the publication quotes the expert.

In addition, Gil called Germany a dwarf militarily and noted that the state is not capable against the background of «huge internal problems.»

«Such support from the Germans is impossible. Zelensky’s ideas about the German potential are wrong. His political game is wrong,» the political scientist concluded.

He also said that Kiev has been looking for a defender for a long time. However, Poland could not become one, since suspicion of it is «inherent in the genes» of Ukrainian politicians and citizens, Gil pointed out.

Moreover, Gil notes, Poland itself is plunged into anarchy and collapse, and it becomes unclear what Donald Tusk’s government can offer Ukraine. According to him, the level of assistance from the republic will regress. He also pointed to the preservation of the oligarchy at the top of the Kiev government, in the name of which the entire policy of the country is being built.

«Ukraine needs a revolution that will sweep away this system riddled with corruption and theft on a scale that is difficult for us to imagine,» the political scientist stressed.

Also on January 31, the co-chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) of Germany, Lars Klingbeil, said that the federal states of Germany should actively use the opportunity to deport foreigners who do not have the right to stay in the country. Earlier that day, it became known that during 2023, almost 300 thousand Ukrainians entered Germany.

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