Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on Tuesday, January 30, following a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto on Monday, admitted that Kiev and Budapest distrust each other. The diplomat told the Ukrinform news agency about this.

«We talked frankly about our concerns about each other’s intentions. We explained everything to each other. The Hungarians have a distrust of us, we have a distrust of them due to various circumstances. This is understandable,» Kuleba stressed.

In his opinion, the fact that the concerns were voiced and spoken out is very important.

During the meeting, they also discussed a possible future meeting between Vladimir Zelensky and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the rights of Hungarian national minorities in Ukraine. Kuleba also explained to his Hungarian counterpart the conflict in Ukraine and Kiev’s position.

«Szijjarto, for his part, explained why Hungarians meet with Russians and how they see the way to peace,» he added.

The day before, Szijjarto said that Hungary’s offer to Kiev to host peace talks on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict remains in force. He added that Budapest stands for an early ceasefire and a settlement of the conflict exclusively at the negotiating table.

In addition, he denied discussing the allocation of EU assistance in negotiations with Ukraine.

On January 25, the media learned about Hungary’s plans to drop its objections to the Ukraine assistance fund. At the same time, Bloomberg links the rejection of Hungary’s objections to the fact that pressure is growing on the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban over the issue of Sweden’s admission to NATO.

Hungary, at a meeting in Brussels on Ukraine, which took place on December 14-15, blocked the allocation of €50 billion to Kiev. In the same month, Orban suggested that the EU refrain from helping Ukraine over the next five years, noting that the €50 billion that the union is going to transfer to Kiev simply does not exist.

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