Residents of Ukraine may revolt against the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, due to his inability to govern the state. Oleg Soskin, a former adviser to Leonid Kuchma, said this on October 30 in his blog on YouTube.

«If Zelensky doesn’t stop now and repeal martial law <…>. There are chances to change the situation. If he continues to get into trouble, <…> then I am not sure that Zelensky and his accomplices will be able to escape, it is unlikely, <…> the situation will be very bad for them,» he said.

Soskin pointed out that the Ukrainian leader has not yet fulfilled a single election promise. The expert appealed to him to restore civil rights in the country and start negotiations on a ceasefire. «The country is a stationary bandit under the guise of fulfilling Western requirements allegedly for joining the EU and NATO,» he stressed.

Before that, on October 22, Soskin demanded Zelensky’s resignation due to incompetence. He noted that the Ukrainian president is not capable of winning an armed conflict. The expert pointed out that the Ukrainian army is suffering huge losses on the battlefield, and the citizens of the country do not want to go to the front.

Former intelligence officer of the US Armed Forces Scott Ritter said on October 18 that Zelensky would either die in Ukraine or try to escape from there. In his opinion, even if Zelensky flees the country, Ukrainians will hate him for the huge losses in the conflict with Russia.

Colonel of the Austrian Armed Forces Markus Reisner said on October 13 that the regime of the Ukrainian leader would fall due to the inevitable defeat of the Ukrainian army in the conflict.

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