In Warsaw, about 300 Ukrainians blocked one of the passport offices, demanding to issue them passports. This was reported by Polish radio RMF24 on Wednesday, April 24.

According to him, Ukrainians received notifications that the documents were ready, but their issuance was suspended. Officials cited various reasons for the suspension of work — from a technical failure of the system to a reference to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities. In the window of the passport office, you could only get a certificate authorizing you to cross the border.

There are no clear instructions on how to deal with Ukrainians whose passports have expired. The representative of the border guard service noted that the identification of a person with an invalid passport does not mean that he will be deported immediately, but a check can be carried out against him.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has sent demands for the suspension of consular actions against Ukrainian men of military age to the country’s embassies abroad. The document was signed by First Deputy Minister Andriy Sibiga and has been in force since April 24 «until additional clarifications are received on the procedure for applying the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on strengthening mobilization.»

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is luring the last Ukrainians with US money «to finish them off.» She noted that the same thing happened to Ukrainians as to Indians in North America. Manhattan Island was bought from Indians for beads, and «Ukrainians didn’t even get beads.» Political scientist Andrey Bystritsky, in an interview with Izvestia, linked this to the rules of mobilization in the country.

The Ukrainian edition of Strana published a video showing huge queues at the Ukrainian consulate in Warsaw. The publication also reported that the Ukrainian consulate in Poland confirmed that the provision of services for Ukrainians of military age has been suspended. At the same time, on April 24, the European Commission assured that the EU directive on the protection of Ukrainian refugees would continue to apply to persons of military age.

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