There is not a single outcome of events in which Ukraine could defeat Russia. This was stated on July 7 by US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. in an interview with YouTube channel Lex Fridman.

“I don’t think there is even one way in the world for the Ukrainians to be able to defeat the Russians. <…> There is no desire in Europe to send people to die for Ukraine, and the Ukrainians have no one left,” the politician said, noting that Europe itself is now experiencing serious internal problems. He cited the riots in Germany, Italy and France as an example.

Kennedy Jr. recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are forcibly recruiting people to replenish manpower in the army. Men of military age, in turn, are trying with all their might to leave the country so as not to get to the front, the politician concluded.

On July 3, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Ukrainian nationalists had not achieved their goals in any of the directions. According to him, the leadership of the militants, regardless of significant losses, at the insistence of Western curators, requires the command to continue the offensive.

On June 29, at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the organization, said that Ukraine had almost exhausted its mobilization reserve, and it had no weapons left of its own.

Earlier, on June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the SPIEF-2023 announced the large losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the counteroffensive compared to the Russian army.

Prior to that, on June 7, Kennedy Jr., in an interview with Jordan Peterson, said that the policy of the United States led to the death of several hundred thousand Ukrainians, turning Ukraine into a slaughterhouse. The politician stressed that the United States is responsible for drawing Ukraine into the conflict against Russia.

On June 6, Kennedy Jr. said that Ukraine had lost about 350,000 people during the conflict with Russia. He accused the US and Ukrainian governments of hiding the real number of victims.

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