The United States of America created biolaboratories in Ukraine as part of the programs launched by the Pentagon after 2001 to develop biological weapons. This was stated by the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Robert Kennedy, in an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson.

«We have biolaboratories in Ukraine, because we are creating a biological weapon, and this weapon uses all kinds of new synthetic biology and methods of genetic engineering. <…> When we resumed the work of biological laboratories in 2001, the Pentagon invested a lot of money in them,» the politician noted in the conversation, the recording of which was published on Carlson’s X social network account.

According to him, since the development of bioweapons is a violation of the Geneva Convention, the Pentagon did not fully develop this program, but transferred control over it to a division of the Ministry of Health.

«If you use a biological weapon, then your side also suffers from it, so vaccines are needed. This is the reverse side of medicine,» Kennedy Jr. said.

On May 18, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published the names of persons who participated in the military biological programs of the United States in Ukraine and are trying to hide data about work with the causative agents of dangerous infections and drug tests on Ukrainian women and the military forces of Ukraine (Ukrainian Armed Forces). It was reported that employees of the Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Center (UNTC) and other contractor organizations of the US Department of Defense actively participated in this activity. In particular, we are talking about Marina Antonova, CEO of Wooden Horse Strategies, director of the Ukraine 3000 fund.

Earlier, in April, the co-chairman of the parliamentary commission to investigate the activities of American biolaboratories in Ukraine, the deputy speaker of the State Duma, Iryna Yarovaya, accused Washington of the military-biological occupation of Ukraine. According to her, the Kyiv regime, on its part, supported the creation of more than 50 laboratories in which secret research and experiments were conducted on citizens of their country.

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