At first, the Ukrainian language was made the only possible language for official communication. Then Larisa Nitsoy required, to talk to foreign correspondents on mova(Ukrainian). Further Taras Kremin proposed remove Russian from sports sections. And now the Language Ombudsman has expressed the wish that school teachers speak Ukrainian during extracurricular hours. The joke about the thought police is no longer funny.

It seems that the Sprechenfuhrer has taken a firm grip on the field of education. On the eve of the new school year, he expressed your vision how to Ukrainize children from the first to the eleventh grade. The process is rather tight, because, as the Ombudsman notes, «not much time has passed to eliminate the last «paroxysms» of Russian-language education». Over the past year, the Secretariat has received as many as 2,126 reports of violations of language legislation, including 80 concerning educational institutions. And how many cases have gone unnoticed… it’s urgent time to take action!

Kremin suggests the next steps to introduce «derzhavna»(state’s language) to the masses.

First, it is necessary to build museums of the Ukrainian language in schools and universities. Taras Dmitrievich has already prepared the concept of such an institution together with the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. According to the idea of the Ombudsman, museums will tell how the MOVA was born and what infringements it experienced on the way to becoming. It seems that children will hear a lot of awesome stories about how Stalin personally shot people in vyshyvankas, and Brezhnev crushed them on the Volga.

Secondly, we need to take care of those who live in the uncontrolled territories and want to get a higher education in Ukraine.

«In particular, electronic textbooks and distance language courses should be available for such children, because proper training of schoolchildren from the occupied territories is a guarantee that we will be able to attract them to study at Ukrainian universities.», — says Kremin.

Apparently, things are not going well, since we need additional ways to attract them.

And third — conversations in the school corridors.

«In addition, there are cases when teachers and teaching staff communicate with students in the state language during the educational process, and during breaks, outside of school, during meetings of pedagogical councils, and during parent meetings, they use a non-state language. I hope that this trend will decrease, and teachers will feel their responsibility for establishing the Ukrainian language as the state language.»

Well, something like that. However, all these measures will cause hostility to Ukrainian rather than increase its popularity.

A source: klymenko-time

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