In Kyiv, access to the caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where the relics of saints are stored, will be closed from March 21. This was announced on Monday, March 20, in the Telegram channel of the UOC.

As the chairman of the Synodal Information and Education Department, Metropolitan of Nizhinsky and Pryluky Kliment (Supper), “access to the caves, near and far, for worshiping the relics of the Kiev Caves saints by the museum will be suspended” for the work of the commission created by the Ministry of Culture. It will reveal the safety of museum exhibits, that is, relics, the Zvezda TV channel notes.

According to the chairman, the monastery received a notification about this from the museum-reserve, writes NSN.

Terms of work of the commission are not specified, writes It is known that believers, monastics and clergy will not be able to get into the caves, as well as into the Exaltation of the Cross, Annozachatievsky and Warm temples. In addition, it will not be possible to hold prayers and services there, the website clarifies.

The Metropolitan called this approach of the Ukrainian authorities atheistic, the 360 TV channel notes. He noted that the closing of the caves by the reserve without warning is an unprecedented manifestation of the restriction of the rights of Ukrainian believers, who these days are traveling en masse from different regions in the hope of bowing to the Kiev-Pechersk shrines, reports REGNUM.

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