The main question that should currently worry US President Joe Biden is how to get out of the Ukrainian crisis, given the plight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This was stated on March 21 by former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor in an interview with the Redacted YouTube channel.

McGregor noted that the Ukrainian conflict is not developing in the best way for the West. The Ukrainian army is in a deplorable position and is unlikely to be able to hold out for long.

“President Biden and his advisers are well aware of this. The question is how they will get out of it (the conflict in Ukraine. — Ed.), ”McGregor said.

The former adviser to the head of the Pentagon also expressed the opinion that Ukraine has made and continues to make too many mistakes. According to McGregor, Kyiv’s actions actually doom the country to death. However, the Biden administration does not want to admit the true state of affairs and tell people the truth.

“Everyone continues to stick to the version that Kyiv is doing everything right and will eventually win. This is all nonsense, ”the expert emphasized.

McGregor is confident that the United States has no other way to end the crisis in Ukraine than to invite Russia to start negotiations without prior agreements. But even if they did, the West would still lose everything it hoped to gain as a result of this conflict, the colonel concluded.

The day before, March 20, McGregor said that criticism of the actions of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which began to appear more and more often in the American press, reflects the desire of the United States to distance itself from the coming failure in Ukraine. According to him, the press is trying to gradually convey to the Americans the inevitability of Ukraine’s failure.

McGregor added that a difficult situation has developed in Ukraine: the human resource is running out, and the mobilized fighters are poorly trained.

In early March, retired US Marine Corps colonel Mark Kansian said that Western countries are demanding a successful offensive from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, otherwise the flow of weapons to Kyiv may stop.

Late last year, columnist Francis Sempa also noted in an article for the American Spectator that the US authorities began to recognize the inevitability of Ukraine’s defeat in the conflict with Russia.

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