People’s Deputy Maksim Buzhansky apologized that he could not «push through» the bill on the equal rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians to study in schools in Russian.

In particular, he stated:

We are considering a series of bills on tourism. Good ones, probably very important.

Dear parents of children who expected to be equated in rights with those who study in Polish, Romanian and Hungarian and will allow them to continue their education in Russian until at least 23 years old, sorry.

It so happened that our humanitarian committee is concerned about the adoption of a new version of the concept of «hostel servant», very supportive.

And they were afraid to support you and did not want to. Although they knew perfectly well that your rights were grossly violated.

I apologize to you for not being able to achieve equal rights for you with national minorities who speak the languages ​​of the EU countries, and on September 1, your children were made second-class children.

But yes, that would still be a half-hearted solution.

Quite different things are written in the Constitution, so we will fight for them.

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