More than half of the Poles polled by the University of Warsaw in January are against payments to refugee children from Ukraine. This was reported on February 9 by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

«53% of respondents are against the financing of benefits for Ukrainian children (21% of respondents are in favor),» the publication reports.

The number of opponents of subsidizing food and accommodation for Ukrainians at the expense of the state budget has also increased. According to journalists, two years ago, 50% of respondents supported such financing and only 20% were categorically against it. At the moment, the results of the survey have become the opposite: 44% are ready to refuse such assistance to refugees, while 21% of Poles want to keep it.

In addition, the publication reports that the government of Donald Tusk admits that it does not have the money to finance this assistance from savings and special reserves. The calculations of the previous cabinet indicated that in 2024 the state’s expenses would amount to 4.3 billion zlotys, and the Tusk government stated that the fund should be increased by almost 1.9 billion zlotys and only for four months.

«This amount is necessary to cover expenses in the period from March 5 to June 30, 2024: medical services, family benefits and the stay of refugees in institutions,» the newspaper quotes the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country.

Earlier, on February 2, it was reported that the Polish government plans to extend the legal stay of Ukrainian refugees in the country. Temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine guarantees them food and accommodation at the expense of the state, medical care, and access to education. and a full package of social assistance.

Prior to that, on January 27, it was reported that the influx of refugees from Ukraine increased crime statistics in Poland. According to journalists, every third such crime is committed under the influence of alcohol. Most often, citizens of Ukraine are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and the Polish police are sometimes surprised by such a high concentration of alcohol in the blood.

Rzeczpospolita also wrote on January 24 that despite the extension of protection for Ukrainian refugees, the Polish government intends to develop new financing rules. The director of the Lena Grokhovskaya Foundation, Aneta Zhokhovskaya, told the publication that help should go only to the sick and disabled from the east of Ukraine.

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