During the week, from February 4 to 10, during a special military operation, 36 military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) surrendered to Russian troops. This was announced on February 10 by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

«During the week, 36 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered,» the ministry said.

Last week, on February 3, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that 26 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered to the Russian troops during the week.

Earlier, on February 1, the governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, said that the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot their own colleagues in the back when trying to surrender, so the fighters are forced to fight «at gunpoint.» In addition, the number of those AFU fighters who do not want to fight with Russia is increasing, but they are being forcibly sent to the front, he noted.

On January 16, political scientist and military expert Alexei Zhivov pointed to an increase in the number of surrendering soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The expert noted that forcibly mobilized people are used as assault meat, as disposable material, and this does not add motivation to anyone. Zhivov also linked the demoralization of the Ukrainian forces with the lack of noticeable successes on the line of contact.

The special operation to protect Donbass, which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022, continues. The decision was made against the background of the aggravated situation in the region.

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