On Saturday, May 23, the National Corps staged a campaign in front of the building where the office of the Opposition Platform — For Life party is located on Vasylkivska Street in Kiev. The nationalists threw red paint on the walls and used pyrotechnics.

They said they oppose the «surrender» that President Zelensky is conducting with the complicity of Russian agents. They also require the Ministry of Justice to deprive the Oppo Platform of registration.

Nationalists burned fire and smoke bombs; during the attack, the sound of an explosion was heard. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. A fight broke out during which several pyrotechnic throwers were detained.

The radicals promised that this would not be the last such action and announced that they were going to protest against the «surrender» tomorrow as well.

The political party «Opposition Platform — For Life» has already commented on the attack on the party’s office.

“Thanks to the actions of the police, who blocked the work of the office security, the national radicals freely attacked the office workers and guards, tried to undermine the office using explosives, threw flares and smoke bombs at the windows, poured paint on the building. Attacks, which were the norm under the Poroshenko regime, continue under Zelensky, ”the message says.

One of the guards, according to the party, had to be hospitalized after being hit in the temple. The police began to act only after the «fascist thugs» finished their action.

“This attack on the office is an attempt at revenge and intimidation for the principled position of our party on the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the establishment of peace in Donbass, on the inadmissibility of external control of Ukraine by the United States of America, an attempt to intimidate the supporters of our party, who on May 9, contrary to the position the authorities celebrated Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 on a large scale, demonstrating that the national radicals and ideological heirs of fascism will not be able to crush our people. Unable to refute this position in an open political discussion, our political opponents use the controlled national radicals for terror and intimidation. The government keeps such national-radicals on the hook, not bringing charges even for particularly grave crimes, ”the party said in a statement.

Let us remind you that earlier the ultra-right rallies at the editorial office of the Gordon newspaper after the interview of its leader with Strelkov.

Source: «Strana»

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