«The opposition Platform-For Life» in connection with the entry into force on January 16 of the norm of the language law on the transition of the entire service sector to Ukrainian requires the authorities to cancel it, since it is discriminatory.

This is stated in the statement of the political force, published on the website of the OPFL.

«Another round of Russophobic hysteria is gaining momentum in Ukraine. On January 16, 2021, the provision of the Law of Ukraine «On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language» comes into force, which requires serving visitors in the Ukrainian language. And the army of vyatrovichi-kreminey-faryonov has already stopped at a low start-in readiness to poison service sector personnel throughout the country, as well as doctors, pharmacists, employees and specialists of all profiles for using the Russian language in the workplace,» Oppoplatform said.

The OPFL reminded that in another year Ukraine will introduce sanctions for violating this norm (we are talking about fines in the amount of 5100 to 6800 UAH-Ed.).

«But now the authorities have published instructions for those who are ready to write denunciations against their Russian-speaking fellow citizens. Commissioner for the Protection of the state language Taras Kremin hastened in the media to explain in detail and with illustrations to Ukrainians where, in what terms and in what form they can «lay» violators of this cynical legislative «masterpiece», — stated in the «Opposition Platform».

In OPFL believe that the law leads to incitement of hatred on the basis of language, the division of Ukrainians into «friends» and «strangers».

«After several years of mad attempts to rewrite history, frenzied decommunization, demolition of monuments, renaming streets and settlements, banning holidays and eliminating any mention of the common history of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, having found no other ways to divide the multi — ethnic population of Ukraine, the hangers-on of the West in power once again decided to sharpen the language issue,» the statement said.

Oppoplatform believes that by introducing fines for violating the language law, the authorities create new corruption opportunities and grounds for inspections. This policy in the most difficult socio-economic conditions does not unite Ukrainian society, but splits it, pitting people against each other.

«In Ukraine, the rights of individual Russian-speaking citizens and entire communities are grossly violated. The government openly ignores the norms of the Basic Law that protect the rights of all citizens of the country, regardless of their nationality, political views and religion. And the repressive provisions of the law «On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language» in relation to Russian-speaking Ukrainians are another confirmation of this,» the political force says.

«The opposition Platform-For Life» demands that the authorities cancel the discriminatory norm of the language law, stop political speculation on the topic of language and stop dividing Ukrainians into acceptable and objectionable on the basis of language.

«We also call on public organizations, opinion leaders and human rights defenders to unite in protecting the interests of national minorities – for the sake of the integrity of Ukraine, the unity of the Ukrainian people and the preservation of its rich, unique multicultural heritage,» the statement reads.

Source: A country

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