President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the head of the political council of the Opposition Party — For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk, is financed by Russia. In response, the political force demanded that the president stop persecuting the party.

Zelensky made his statement during a working visit to Volyn in a conversation with a representative of the National Corps.

“I am sure that he (Medvedchuk — Ed.) Is really funded from the Russian Federation … It is necessary that law enforcement agencies really do this in detail. I hear you, and I share the same opinion with you on this issue, ”Zelensky expressed solidarity with the representative of the nationalist party, whose members openly beat the activists of the Shariy’s Party and attack the offices of the Opposition Platform For Life.

After this statement, the OPFL demanded that the president stop such statements addressed to the leaders of the Oppoplatform.

“It is already customary for President Zelensky to dance to the tune of radicals, speak with them with a unanimous opinion, repeat their slogans, copy their political positions and xenophobic ideology. Together with the nationalists, he draws «red lines» on the map of Ukraine, refuses to dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk and disrupts peace negotiations. He considers the Victory over Nazism «a war for the interests of others», subscribes to the policy of discrimination against Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens. And in politics, he chooses repression and pressure on political opponents, ”the message says.

“During a trip to Volyn, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, playing along with the provocateurs, made unfounded accusations against Viktor Medvedchuk. And he promised the nationalists to incite law enforcement agencies. This is such an inadequate dialogue between a representative of terrorist groups and Zelensky. Zelensky has no complaints about those who throw grenades at the office of our party, who beat the dissatisfied with bats, he is not interested in who finances these gangs in Ukraine. He is interested in our political power, ”says Oppoplatform.

The OPLZ demanded that Volodymyr Zelenskyy stop political pressure on the party and stop attempts to discredit Viktor Medvedchuk.

“These attempts are useless, and political persecution is illegal. Obviously, on the eve of the local elections, the authorities are very afraid of the growth of popularity and confidence in our political force, ”the party’s appeal says.

Earlier, we wrote that Oppoplatform accused Zelensky of deceiving partners in the Normandy Four and disrupting dialogue with Lugansk and Donetsk.

It was also reported that the OPFL said that the president was serving the war party and had driven the solution of the Donbass issue to a dead end.

Source: Strana

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