After the radicals poured green paint on Oleg Voloshin, the people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform — For Life party, the political force demanded that the authorities put an end to the revelry of nationalists.

This is what the party said in a statement posted on the official website.

“The atrocities of the radicals and the rampant political terrorism in Ukraine correspond to the intention of the war party. Therefore, they act as guarantors of those who attack dissenting citizens and opposition politicians. Recently, under the personal obligations of six people’s deputies, headed by Poroshenko, the court released a citizen who attacked a people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform — For Life, Oleg Voloshin.

The radicals, Poroshenko and his political henchmen, have one goal — to make Ukrainian society afraid. Even after losing the elections, with the help of street bandits, the war party is trying to dictate its political will to Ukraine, frighten the authorities, and put pressure on political opponents.

Unfortunately, Ze-power is unable to resist the radicals and indulges them. The authorities are afraid to comply with the Minsk agreements, so as not to anger street bandits and screamers. Seeking an alliance with Poroshenko to sell off Ukrainian land and implement IMF directives. Therefore, there is still no peace in Ukraine, the cultural and linguistic rights of millions of Ukrainian citizens are violated, and the radicals are free to walk.

The Opposition Platform — For Life requires the authorities to stop flirting with radicals and their political patrons. Only the inevitability of punishment can deter an attacker from committing a crime. As recent events show, the lack of will of the authorities, currying favor with the radicals leads the country to the chaos of terror and banditry.

Anyone who commits gangster attacks on citizens, crimes against journalists, or attacks dissidents should be prosecuted. The authorities, which cannot ensure the safety of people, must resign, ”the statement said.

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